Tel Mond

Ahuzat Hadarim

Ahuzat Hadarim, situated in the heart of Tel Mond, is one of Balmoral’s most prestigious and stylish housing developments. With each home built on an opulent 400 square meters of land, these stunning 5-7 room, 200-300 square meter semi-detached (duplex) homes provide the ideal residential choice for families of every size. Boasting 105 homes in a wide range of different models, sprawling 200 meter lawns and two private covered parking spaces, Ahuzat Hadarim is an overall living experience unlike any other.

Quote - nizi

“…Thank you for our beautiful home, for your infinite patience, hands-on assistance and eagerness to assist with every problem large or small. Building a home is a challenging endeavor and the service we received from Balmoral far exceeded our every expectation. We could not have done it without you. Thank you!”

Nizi Nizchia Lavenda, Attorney Achoozat Hadarim